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shelter is where he dips his nose into books’ ravines, acceding to a siren’s voice to swell his heart with adoration. every day is a silent exchange of smiles and slight bows, only for park chanyeol to hide behind the shelf closest to the piano she sat at everyday. she’d play and sing, knowing he was there — chanyeol just too shy to sit next to her, gaze at her lithe fingers dancing across ivory and ebony steps, dote on her cherubic face and voice to match in a neat seraphic set.

today is just like those days. just like yesterday. and tomorrow will only be the same. he’s content with this consistency. where the angel sits atop her heavenly perch, and he, a mindless acolyte staring upwards with heart-shaped eyes.

the bell chimes at the door. hushed steps saunter down the aisle of paperback novels behind him. chanyeol pays no mind; another customer is all. until the footsteps come to a halt and he guesses they too have been charmed. out of curiosity ( and a small twinge of fear of the possibility that his divine might sprout restless wings ), the boy peers out from behind the bookshelf.

two angels.

tomorrow comes, consistency falters — every day that follows. the second angel returns — every day that follows, doe-eyed with heart-shaped lips. he, too, sang for chanyeol. but didn’t know it until he had caught chanyeol furtively observing ( and cooing over ) the two divines in lovely harmony. his heart leaps from his chest, up to his throat in being discovered.

and he can only smush his face into the novel in his hands.

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"you know you’ve done well, taemin,” chanyeol rolls his eyes, granting him the [ albeit restrained ] praise he always very much so wanted. “i’m not worried about you,” he mirrors the other male’s teasing grin. “we both need our good night’s sleep sometimes, and you know that never happens as long as we’re in the same place.”

but he go against his own word tonight. just for tonight. he’ll work the rest out later — though he’s sure taemin will be two steps ahead of him the next time. and that doesn’t bother chanyeol at all.

he smiles lazily into taemin’s lips. “true, but taking clothes off is part of the fun,” chanyeol murmurs, snaking a hand against the smooth column of the younger male’s neck. his palm slides down, descending against the other’s chest and around his waist to pull him flush against chanyeol’s own body. it usually takes a while for arousal to get the better of him; he’s no stranger to the slow pace. nor is he ruffled by the thin layer that separates their two bodies. though, a keen taemin is always a pleasure to tease.

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(/ a wry smile meets his lips ) dicks before chicks.

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"well you might as well put good use to your apartment too," chanyeol says with a slight grin and roll of the eyes, "you’re paying for it after all." taemin should know how much chanyeol disapproves of wasted resources. the triple-checked invoices on his desk are a testament to that.

speaking of which, when chanyeol peers over, he spots taemin’s own stacked neatly in a pile there too. then he glances back to the ~star~ employee. chanyeol’s not sure if taemin did it to boast or to genuinely save the boss from chasing everyone up for business records, but regardless, chanyeol would admit that taemin actually had a reason to boast. even so — “don’t let it get to your head,” he says.

he slides the other trouser leg off and chucks it over into a laundry basket that looked like it was about to burst at the brim. he makes a mental note to get to that later. though, we all know what type of affinity chanyeol has with plans… because it doesn’t even look like he’s going to fulfil that simple shower that was first on his list.

"i don’t mind, but at least use your apartment money for your apartment." despite the warm smile, he’s no short of serious. and despite even that, chanyeol knows why taemin keeps coming back. he’s no stranger to the love-in-the-eyes look; he saw it from day one. chanyeol doesn’t feed that affection out of pity or as that proverbial carrot to a donkey. diligence is attractive, especially when its by someone who is devoted to the job, and maybe even to him.

chanyeol gives a nonchalant shrug and eases into bed beside the other, not caring and actually rather keen on his spare time being used for a better purpose. he rolls over to glance at the other male, about to say something — of which he then forgets. “are you already naked?” much better purpose.